Far North Road

“There is no end of the road when you take the Far North Road. ‘Least there’s no end as far as any traveler I know has found. It simply keeps going north, deeper and deeper into the snow.”
- Kladik the Tinkerer

The Far North Road is aptly named as it is the only road that travels the furthest north. Originally it was simply the Northern Imperial Highway, stretching from the Imperial City of Balmora at the coast of the Darkwater Sea all the way to the seemingly impassable Faedale Mountains. Merchants thought it a beneficial road, providing for a comfortable caravan path into the northern territories. With its paved roads funded by Imperial taxes, a constant patrol of Imperial Riders, and enchanted waystones to mark distance, it was simply the road to travel on.

After the assassination of Emperor Balan XII however, the expense of maintaining the North Road became a burden on a chaotic Imperial budget. Furthermore, a sudden shift in climate left much of the road almost completely impassable. Fierce winter storms would rise up without warning and last for weeks at a time, burying unlucky caravans and travelers alike. Falling out of frequent use, the Northern Imperial Highway became a fading relic of times past. Merchants began favoring trade by large barges up the Luska River, which had much more stable and reliable weather.

It wasn’t until a merchant caravan turned around in a winter storm discovered a pass through the Faedale Mountains that the Far North Road was given new life. A small amount of Imperial funding was given to expand the road up through the mountains and into the valley. It is said that the road continues north through the valley back up into the mountains… but what lies beyond there, no one has dared to venture. Or ventured and come back to tell it.

Far North Road

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