Seeking All Adventurers, Mercenaries, Magicians, and Their Ilk:

Let it be known that the East Adventurine Mining & Trading Company is hereby offering a sizable reward for any party that can successfully open and reestablish at least one trade route into Faedale Valley. Experienced adventurers and green sell-swords alike are welcome!

To the successful party that can perform the above-stated task and return, the EAMTC will generously reward each survivor great adventurer with a sum of 5,000 gold pieces and a customized item of choice to be crafted by the Company’s elite corp of master craftsmen and smithies.

Interested parties should meet at Wesker’s Travel Lodge in the town of Ecksing-On-The-River. Ecksing-On-The-River is accessible by both the Far North Road and the Luska River. Due to current wintery conditions along the Far North Road, the EAMTC does highly advise interested parties to not travel this route. A barge will be made readily available for those choosing to travel up the Luska River. The barge will leave from the Imperial City of Balmora, and travel north-east, with stops at Dufton Hall (in the Horse Country), Gallows Peak, and Medina before turning north to complete the journey at Ecksing-On-The-River. Interested parties choosing to take the barge need board at one of these stops and simply notify the captain of your intent.

Best of luck, and may fortune favor your journey!

Michael St. Dumas
Office of Notifications and Postings
East Adventurine Mining & Trading Company


We do not discriminate based on age, sex, race, sexual orientation, or propensity to eat children. If you are willing to risk your neck for this, then by all means, go for it!

The EAMTC is not responsible for any interested parties that fail to return, nor assumes any liability for injury, death, poisoning, loss of limb, soul banishment, curse affliction, act of god/goddess, or any other such maladies that may befall said parties. We highly suggest you make your peace and settle your debts just in case. Funerals are expensive these days – do you really want to shoulder your family with that burden?

Secondary Disclaimer:

The EAMTC is aware of rumors floating around that this is not the first expedition being hosted into Faedale Valley. We would like to clarify that there were NO previous expeditions, no horrible and bloody screams, body parts flying from the mountains, or any other such hogwash. Seriously people, this is a professional expedition. Let’s try to behave as such.

The Opening of Faedale Valley

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